Saturday, 17 March 2012

떡볶이과 김밥이 파티 - Korean Food Party and How to Make Kimbap

 (just make it public on my personal facebook account. too lazy to upload it all here)

As i promises, i'm going share my activites last february. So my korean teacher just back from Korea and bought some other things that not avaiable here, and some korean food ingredients. So he's told us how about having korean snacks party this sunday? Me and the others were like YAY!! Who dont love free food. lol.

So that days we made kimbap (korean rolls with seaweed) and ttopukki(korean spicy rice cakes? i dont know the english name of it) eventhou i always make kimbap all by myself oftenly, but this type of kimbap is different, its the very original kimbap from korea, cause it consist yellow radish pickles, fish cakes, and some other things that not avaiable in Indonesia. Too bad i dont have any picture of the ttopukki cause i was busy eating the kimbap T.T, I have some vlog about it, but maybe next next next time im gonna upload it up through my youtube channel, cause i need edit the video first.. 

I will share how to make the kimbap then..

# fishcakes
# carrots
# cucumbers
# spinachs
# yellow radish pickles
# crab stick
# ham
# egg
# rices
# seaweed
# korean salt ( but you can use any kind of salt i think)
# corn syrup
# sesame oil
# sesame seeds
# cooking oil
# sugar

# clean all the carrots cucumbers spinachs crabsticks first
# slices the fishcakes, carrots, cucumbers, yellow radish pickles, crab sticks, ham into small pieces. (my teacher complained us that we cut it way too big in his eyes O.O thou we think we cut it thinly.. lol yea)
# fried the fishcakes and ham. Also make an omellete for the eggs, then slice it into small pieces (as based on pictures)
# for the spinachs boil it and rinse it, then put some i dont remember it clearly but yeaa, put some corn syrup and mix it 
# mix the rice with korean salt, and if im not wrong with sugar, then mix it.(i need to watch the videos again cause i forgot most of the things)
# then put the seaweed on kimbap's roll add some rice on it, add the other ingredients, and roll, roll roll it.
# after that put some sesame oil maybe (still forgot but its an oil based something like that) and sprinkle some sesame seeds on it
# slice it, finish!!

PS: i just finished make Korean Red Bean Paste Bread or 단팥빵 haha. i'll share the photos on next post *..* ah my blog is soo randoms..

Dita ^^~

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