Friday, 16 March 2012

The Face Shop Peeling Day Water in Pomegranate Review

So i just remember that i make 3 reviews post on draft here, so i'll post one of them. Its The Face Shop Peeling Day Water in Pomegranate. I bought this at TFS store here, and seriously expensive. I cant remember the exact price but maybe more than 130IDR something like that. Its 120ml, and i've been use this since maybe 7-8months ago and still have some left. I've using this once a week to peel of my dead skin on my face.

Its actually come out with 3 variants, which are:
Peeling Day -Honey Black Sugar
Peeling Day -Water in Pomegranate
Peeling Day -White Jewel
with only cost maybe not over than 110IDR in online shop.

Its for hydrated skin. I dont know, from what i heard hydrated skin is an healthy skin, but we must take care of our hydrated skin and remove the deadcells to make our skin more hydrated. Okay stop with the babbling.. Here's below the swatches

Its water based like they said on the tube, a white watery gell with red granules/particles on it. But, if we rub it on our skin, the red thingy will dissapear.

# smell very fresh
# works great
# very moisture the skin

# the price on the store

Buy again? Yes, i'm planning to buy another variant of it.
FYI, for skincare, i more believe and enjoy with The Face Shop's product overall. After use this, i always apply The Face Shop Seaweed Pack, i'll post the reviews about it later. Hehe.. Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend! See ya!


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