Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Face Shop Black Head Ex Clear Cleansing Foam

Well, i've been using this product quite a lot, and just remember i need to do review over this product, because its kinda hard to find this product review, so i wanna share it with you beautiful friend who want to know this product more. Many people prefer with the Etude House one, that one become very popular in youtube because of 나영 언니(blueoiseau88) who really love that cleanser, but instead trying the etude one, i purcase this the face shop one, its because when i ordered the etude one, its out of stock, so i changed it with this The face shop one. ㅋㅋㅋ At first, i thou i choose the wrong one, i'm afraid if this product will give me breakout or something scary like that ㅠㅠ but fortunetely, it DONT. ~^^.
For the price range, maybe this little baby is more cheap than the etude one, and this baby smell very nice. I dont know most of the face shop's product that i have smell very nice, you know they use like natural material or something like that, so we can smell fruit, vegie, or flower scent on every their product. Friend of mine who's Korean, complain to me why i like the face shop so much, he said that this brand is no good. I was like: Heloo??? sdfgvvfdwsf. Maybe, because he's a male and dont know much about beauty products. Well, for me the face shop itself is very nice brand that sell nice beauty products..
Enough, maybe i'll provide more photos later, this baby one is creamy-based cleansing foam, and you just need a lil bit of this to wash your face indeed. This cream has some scrub extract, to remove your black head. Since it has scrub extract, we cant use it as many as we want, maybe just once a day. I use this only for my morning cleanser instead. I've been using this for 2 weeks now, and its really controls my black head, and my face just become more clear and bright. And anyway its 150ml, so maybe we can use it for more than 6months, because i've been using the clean face acne solution cleansing foam like since mid last year, and i still have that even i use it everyday in the morning, evening, night, amazing right. Thats all for me, i hope it'll help you guys. Thank you, meet you later. ~^^

1# it has nice and fresh scent that i love
2# cheap only 79,370IDR
3# long lasting. You can use this 79,370IDR product for more than 5-6 months
4# controls my blackheads
5# doesnt give breakout

1# maybe, maybe the packaging. Well, its look elegant with white and brown colors, but the logo(what we called that?) is not printed and look cheap

overall, i love this product and reasonable to give a try


  1. Do you know where can I find this or purchase this product online? I am living in DC and could not find it here. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. You can buy it directly at The Face Shop's store worldwide, but its too pricey. You can buy it online from ( from yesstyle ( Hope it useful! ^^


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