Monday, 20 February 2012

Etude House Sleeping Mask - Moisturizing & Firming Review

This is actually my very first sleeping pack that i've been using for maybe past 4months, its the Etude House Sleeping Pack (Moisturizing & Firming). They have like 3 variant. The pink one is for moisturizing, the green one is for pore & sebum control and the blue one for whitening. 
I just loving this sleeping pack because its not sticky, and when you wake up in the morning after using this at night, you'll have a very smooth and nice skin, and you just like want to touch your face over and over.
I do love this, i also love the smell, the smell is very nice. Its 120ml and i bought this from here and i forgot the price ㅋㅋㅋ its around $12 or something. As you can see, the packaging is so cute and yes pink. Will i buy this again? Yes, i will, maybe after i finish this one, and i'll try the another variant.

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