Saturday, 25 February 2012

Animal Campaign! Save These Precious Angels

I cried a lot for todays episode Birth of Family on KBS World. Its heartbreaking to see so many people abandoned dogs, cats, and others not even in Korea, but all over the world. So for me, this campaign is seriously amazing and inspiring. Its heartbreaking for me, even in Indonesia there're still a lot of abandoned cats and dogs, how if we can give them place to sleep and eat, how about we give care of them and they dont need to think about how could they have their next meals? I wish, my country, Indonesia, will make more more more and more and more more more more place for them to live on. Its kinda hard for people like us, who want to make an shelter to these angels, but if we, hand in hand, working together, surely we can make it.

So for you, my precious friends here who read this, these are some link you can take a look by yourself and give a hand to help some of them. Maybe we cant help all precious abandoned animals all over Indonesia, but by sharing our love to these lucky animals, who need your love, maybe we'd be loved too, right?
Indonesia Peduli Kucing (IPK) -

We must open our eyes and heart to them, our precious little friends.. And i hope you guys can spread this love too. Its okay to just copy paste this post. Thanks a lots!

Abandoned Dogs Prevention Campaign from Korea
If they could speak, would you still throw them away?

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