Saturday, 25 February 2012

Animal Campaign! Save These Precious Angels

I cried a lot for todays episode Birth of Family on KBS World. Its heartbreaking to see so many people abandoned dogs, cats, and others not even in Korea, but all over the world. So for me, this campaign is seriously amazing and inspiring. Its heartbreaking for me, even in Indonesia there're still a lot of abandoned cats and dogs, how if we can give them place to sleep and eat, how about we give care of them and they dont need to think about how could they have their next meals? I wish, my country, Indonesia, will make more more more and more and more more more more place for them to live on. Its kinda hard for people like us, who want to make an shelter to these angels, but if we, hand in hand, working together, surely we can make it.

So for you, my precious friends here who read this, these are some link you can take a look by yourself and give a hand to help some of them. Maybe we cant help all precious abandoned animals all over Indonesia, but by sharing our love to these lucky animals, who need your love, maybe we'd be loved too, right?
Indonesia Peduli Kucing (IPK) -

We must open our eyes and heart to them, our precious little friends.. And i hope you guys can spread this love too. Its okay to just copy paste this post. Thanks a lots!

Abandoned Dogs Prevention Campaign from Korea
If they could speak, would you still throw them away?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Missha M Vita BB Cream [Matte] Review

Welcome! This BB Cream is the very first BB that i've tried, and i'm falling in love in it, i've using this a lot, as you can see on the picture below, i've running out the 50ml of this BB Cream, so you can see how often i use this product. Yap, i use this product a lot for my daily everyday makeup.
Soft matte type BB Cream
# it naturally covers the irregularities on the skin as well as improving skin texture
# skin shooting ingredients of Citrus Paradisi(Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract and Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract and Anti Shadow Complex make the skin calming clarify and clear, and Jewelry Complex makes the skin bright
# Nano Vita Complex 7 essential vitamin complexes, enhances skins vitality

I purcase the 50ml on Missha Store here, and kinda expensive i bought this in 200IDR with 10% off that time, and got this 20ml little baby from online shop, for about maybe 67IDR and its totally cheap. I wont purcase this full tube again because i want to give a try to another BB Cream and i thought i have much more enough for next 4 or 5 months. I've been using the 50ml since last June and use it every single days and still have some left.

This M Vita BB Cream came into 2 type, first is moisture and second is matte and i bought the matte one, maybe i'll try the moisture one later on. From the tube, it saying "Missha M Vita BB Cream contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients and helps to improve the skin. With continuous use, your sensitive skin will be calm, protected from redness and keep its health." Yup, my skin is acne-prone sensitive combination skin, too complicated right T.T So this BB cream is good for people who have problem with acnes, since i'm using this bb cream, my face improve much better, anyhooo, its SPF20/PA++ not enough but yea nice to protect our precious face from UVA and UVB.

And here's the swatch, at first actually i'm afraid because its too dark and i bet it would be funny on my face, but its not, you must blend it well and just need a little of this, a lil of this much enough to cover all your face. The packaging itself not as fun as Etude house's one, but nice. I always store this BB into a small jar because its more easy to apply and we can control how much BB we want..

1# Good coverage
2# For acne-prone sensitive skin
3# Improve your skin

i cant find any.

From the box, its saying that Missha is against animal testing, WHICH ISSS dfvgfdsdfgf. Since i'm an animal lover, so its important to me to know if the product i used is based on animal testing or not.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Face Shop Black Head Ex Clear Cleansing Foam

Well, i've been using this product quite a lot, and just remember i need to do review over this product, because its kinda hard to find this product review, so i wanna share it with you beautiful friend who want to know this product more. Many people prefer with the Etude House one, that one become very popular in youtube because of 나영 언니(blueoiseau88) who really love that cleanser, but instead trying the etude one, i purcase this the face shop one, its because when i ordered the etude one, its out of stock, so i changed it with this The face shop one. ㅋㅋㅋ At first, i thou i choose the wrong one, i'm afraid if this product will give me breakout or something scary like that ㅠㅠ but fortunetely, it DONT. ~^^.
For the price range, maybe this little baby is more cheap than the etude one, and this baby smell very nice. I dont know most of the face shop's product that i have smell very nice, you know they use like natural material or something like that, so we can smell fruit, vegie, or flower scent on every their product. Friend of mine who's Korean, complain to me why i like the face shop so much, he said that this brand is no good. I was like: Heloo??? sdfgvvfdwsf. Maybe, because he's a male and dont know much about beauty products. Well, for me the face shop itself is very nice brand that sell nice beauty products..
Enough, maybe i'll provide more photos later, this baby one is creamy-based cleansing foam, and you just need a lil bit of this to wash your face indeed. This cream has some scrub extract, to remove your black head. Since it has scrub extract, we cant use it as many as we want, maybe just once a day. I use this only for my morning cleanser instead. I've been using this for 2 weeks now, and its really controls my black head, and my face just become more clear and bright. And anyway its 150ml, so maybe we can use it for more than 6months, because i've been using the clean face acne solution cleansing foam like since mid last year, and i still have that even i use it everyday in the morning, evening, night, amazing right. Thats all for me, i hope it'll help you guys. Thank you, meet you later. ~^^

1# it has nice and fresh scent that i love
2# cheap only 79,370IDR
3# long lasting. You can use this 79,370IDR product for more than 5-6 months
4# controls my blackheads
5# doesnt give breakout

1# maybe, maybe the packaging. Well, its look elegant with white and brown colors, but the logo(what we called that?) is not printed and look cheap

overall, i love this product and reasonable to give a try

Monday, 20 February 2012

Peripera Lip Tint's

Since i bought Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint in Real Orange and Blue Hawaii Red's lip tint, i've become a liptint-maniac seriously, and i craving for any kind any colors and any brand of liptint, so as usuall, when i did some research for the liptint, i found this: Peripera Kiss Tint.
Its come with 3 different colors, Cherry, Pink and Peach, and i just loving their colors so adorable.. >.< and the packaging also so cute, so i'll pick up this little babies in my next order.
From their site, they said that Peripera is a popular brand in Korea for lipsticks, eyeliner and nail polishes. Their nail polishes have been ranked no.1 in Korea for a consecutive 8 months now.
"페르시아 요정 '페리'는 마법의 파우치
'페리'는 가지고 다니면서 매혹적인 모습의
여인으로 변신하였다고 합니다.
페리페라는 사랑스러운 ㅁ의 연금술사 '페리'의 마법을 현대 과학 기술로 재현한 토탈 뷰티 브랜드입니다"

And here's the new line of Peripera Peri's tint. It have Tint balm, tint water, tint jelly, and tint milk. Holy!! all of them are tint-based.
 The orange colors in this picture look stunning, but its kinda different with the swatches on that another picture, i dont know, maybe because of the lip colors or what, so i'm kinda asdfdsf to buy it or not. But why dont we give a try of this new line? I've been placing my order last week, so maybe i'll order these things after my previous order arrive here.

Etude House Sleeping Mask - Moisturizing & Firming Review

This is actually my very first sleeping pack that i've been using for maybe past 4months, its the Etude House Sleeping Pack (Moisturizing & Firming). They have like 3 variant. The pink one is for moisturizing, the green one is for pore & sebum control and the blue one for whitening. 
I just loving this sleeping pack because its not sticky, and when you wake up in the morning after using this at night, you'll have a very smooth and nice skin, and you just like want to touch your face over and over.
I do love this, i also love the smell, the smell is very nice. Its 120ml and i bought this from here and i forgot the price ㅋㅋㅋ its around $12 or something. As you can see, the packaging is so cute and yes pink. Will i buy this again? Yes, i will, maybe after i finish this one, and i'll try the another variant.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The February Hauls - Etude House, The Face Shop, Everyday Mineral

We've been waiting for this momeeent. Finally the products arrived..

This is the Black Head Ex Clear Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop. Actually, we're ordering the gommage one, but the distributor wrongly give us the cleanser instead the gommage, but thats okay.. i'll do the review about this soon, since i cant find any review about this product, and i've just using this for 2 days, so more weeks to go before i'm making some review.

Its, It Girl Smooth Like an Egg Cleansing Foam 150ml

Its The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing. This is my friend's not mine. but i have the white line one, and running out for this one so gotta order it again. How to say, but this is the greatest acne cleansing foam that i've ever used, i more like this than my etude one. I'm not saying the Etude one is bad, but i'm such a tea-maniac so you know what i mean..

Finally, my new love.. its Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint in Blue Hawaii Red and Aloha Real Orange. Im such a liptint maniac these day, so im so loving this liptint aside its very cheap, and has a very nice design, and the liptint itself very pigmented <3 <3 <3 <3 it would be good if they have another colors.. and there're some swatch below ^^

Here are Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in number 2# Brown Grey and number 3# Brown and below is the Etude House Styling Eye Liner in number 1# Black. The eyebrow's actually my mom's and the eyeliner actually my friend's

And here're the HIGHLIGHT. the free samples. Some skinfood's, some etude's and some tonymoly's.

Thats all for today hauls. ^^~ Thank you for your time.. ㅋㅋ 안녕 ^.~