Friday, 20 January 2012

Another Mini Hauls of December

Good morning everybody! Happy friday. Finally, its weekend again ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. My another little hauls with my friend. Actually we bought more product, but the others hasnt arrive yet, so while waiting the others arrive here, lets see this. kekeke..

I bought Missha M Vita BB Cream (Matte) 20Ml, because my 50ml of this will sooooon used up, and its kinda very expensive buy in the Missha Store here, the 50ml that i bought from the store is like 100% more expensive than the actual price. When the original price for the 50 ml is $12, but in the store here its like $25. totally expensive right?? and i bought the Missha Under Eye Brightener, forgot the price because i've been ordering this since the early of december last year.. kekeke

The free samples we've got.. some of twins free sample.. You can see we got Etude House Body wash and lotion, Etude house peel so good, Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser, and Skinfood Aloe Vera BB Cream.

This is the Etude House Sleeping Pack (Brightening).. kekeke, my friend was actually ordered the sleeping pack for tightning pore, but instead got the tightning pore, she got this for brightening.. hahaha..

Well, thats all my another mini hauls. Maybe i'll do the review over all products that i've been used since my skin improve a lot better now.. keke..


  1. huaaa great haul~
    hope you can review about Missha M Vita BB Cream and etude house sleeping pack :D

    1. Hello UcciuCrid! Thank you so much sweety ^^.. Yes, i'll do the review of M Vita BB Cream and the sleeping pack too maybe. thank you for reading!!

  2. I heard etude house sleeping pack is really great :D

    anyway, i have a make up contest going on, mind to join it? :D

    1. Hello Stella!! ^^.. Yes, this sleeping pack is quite popular outside there. i've been trying the Sleeping pack for moisturizing(the pink one) for maybe 4months and its really works great aside, when first time i applied it on my face, my face feeling like on firee. haha.. the texture is super light, you'll love it when you wake up and your face become taraaaa more beautiful.. mehehe.. sorry for the bad explanation..


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