Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sharing: My Skincare Routine

Talk with me again, i'll talk about my skincare routine.. the daily skincare.
Morning: when wake up, the first thing i do beside see my phone(to turn off the alarm) and search mirror, i wash off my face with The Face Shop Acne Solution Foam Cleanser. i bought this from the face shop's store and quite pricey.. but, its work great on my face, so i really love it. then applying the pure joy calming toner fro sensitive skin by Etude House, since i have sensitive skin, so yeah.. its really mean a lot for me..
Noon: if i went home, after cooling my face, i wash my face with again the face shop acne solution foam cleanser. at first, im using clean & clean deep action cleansing foam, but after a few days used it, there're some pimple popped up.. uu, really upset me. so i gave up, and back using my face shop's cleanser..
Night: after using this face shop's foam cleanser and applying pure joy calming toner, im using the sleeping pack, the pink one(moisturizing) by Etude House, then time to sleep!!! ^ ^

since i just bought this AC Clinic foaming cleanser, i havent try it, so maybe next post i'll talk about it.. kkk..
I dont do the review, just... just sharing.. kkk.. thank you. talk to you soon girls!! Have a beautiful day!!

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