Saturday, 8 October 2011

Etude House Silk Scarf Shampoo & Conditioner

 Hello everybody! This is my first ever review here. OMG.. Just got free trial of this product from last hauls.. and last night im tried this shampoo and conditioner.. OMG, and its work great for me, than my current loreal's shampoo and conditioner. Its really suit me well. because i've always tying my hair whenever and wherever because its always messy.. but with this silk scarf, omg.. feeling like dont need to tying my hair up... my hair turn really smooth, shine, and of course as smooth as silk scarf.. SOOO IM SOO INTO PURCASE THIS SOON.. actually already ordering it, kkk.. of course, im read other review about this product first, some say this work worse for them.. but, i dont know its work great for me just now..

# Cute packages
# Work great for me
# Both shampoo and conditioner not that bubbly so can easily wash it off
 # well, the price.. Mom went sdfsa when she know im buying this product.. hahaha.. well, as long as its work great for me, the price doesnt matter.
# they say they have floral scent. but i dont think i smell the floral scent in my hair. but thats okay for me.


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