Saturday, 8 October 2011

Etude House Silk Scarf Shampoo & Conditioner

 Hello everybody! This is my first ever review here. OMG.. Just got free trial of this product from last hauls.. and last night im tried this shampoo and conditioner.. OMG, and its work great for me, than my current loreal's shampoo and conditioner. Its really suit me well. because i've always tying my hair whenever and wherever because its always messy.. but with this silk scarf, omg.. feeling like dont need to tying my hair up... my hair turn really smooth, shine, and of course as smooth as silk scarf.. SOOO IM SOO INTO PURCASE THIS SOON.. actually already ordering it, kkk.. of course, im read other review about this product first, some say this work worse for them.. but, i dont know its work great for me just now..

# Cute packages
# Work great for me
# Both shampoo and conditioner not that bubbly so can easily wash it off
 # well, the price.. Mom went sdfsa when she know im buying this product.. hahaha.. well, as long as its work great for me, the price doesnt matter.
# they say they have floral scent. but i dont think i smell the floral scent in my hair. but thats okay for me.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sharing: My Skincare Routine

Talk with me again, i'll talk about my skincare routine.. the daily skincare.
Morning: when wake up, the first thing i do beside see my phone(to turn off the alarm) and search mirror, i wash off my face with The Face Shop Acne Solution Foam Cleanser. i bought this from the face shop's store and quite pricey.. but, its work great on my face, so i really love it. then applying the pure joy calming toner fro sensitive skin by Etude House, since i have sensitive skin, so yeah.. its really mean a lot for me..
Noon: if i went home, after cooling my face, i wash my face with again the face shop acne solution foam cleanser. at first, im using clean & clean deep action cleansing foam, but after a few days used it, there're some pimple popped up.. uu, really upset me. so i gave up, and back using my face shop's cleanser..
Night: after using this face shop's foam cleanser and applying pure joy calming toner, im using the sleeping pack, the pink one(moisturizing) by Etude House, then time to sleep!!! ^ ^

since i just bought this AC Clinic foaming cleanser, i havent try it, so maybe next post i'll talk about it.. kkk..
I dont do the review, just... just sharing.. kkk.. thank you. talk to you soon girls!! Have a beautiful day!!

Early October Hauls - with my friends! ^ ^

Welcome october, another newest hauls via Drolly Pop. my 2nd time hauls from this shop, totally 100% trusted shop, they're cheaper than another online shop located here, so hahaha..

this is all the products that me and my friend bought. with 7free samples.. who dont love free samples??? hahaha.. Gotta order again soon this week..

All the october hauls.. me and my friends,,,,

free sample from innisfree(apple juicy cleanser), skinfood(carrot serum), etude(precious mineral bb cream), and thefaceshop(power perfection bb cream)

another free sample. hair-line from etude house: shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment

Etude House 3 Collagen Eye Patch for mommy and one black charcoal chin pack for meeh. i really need this one..

Blackhead cleansing foam(etude house) and dear me petite cotton bb cream (tony moly). my friend's hauls..

this iis mine.. kkk.. bought ac clinic foam cleanser(etude house) and pure joy toner(etude house)

Pure Joy Calming Toner (Etude House)


Saturday, 1 October 2011

5th Album's Compilation: A, B, and C.

Hello hello!! My Super Junior's 5th Album. Finally.. Im feeling like this year, it a must bought all the version, since i dont have much money, i only can buy one version A, one version B, and one version C. I dont know what to talk about, i really like this album so much.. kkkkk... and nowdays, since im far away from kpop-world cause of this busy campuslife, and i've spend so much money for makeup only, so i cant buy the japanese version of this album. rrrr.. But i still love you, Super Junior. Seriously